WatchPug for Firefox

Created and maintained by Nico Steiner © 2011

What is WatchPug doing for you?

WatchPug is a Firefox extension checking your website documents for HTML Validator or Firebug errors.

How to use it

Install HTML Validator and Firebug extensions.

1. In HTML Validator options choose "Show Icon and Text in status bar".

HTML Validator options screenshot

2. Make sure that Firebug is activated.

3. Open the website you want to check (in the root directory there must be a sitemap.xml available).

4. Open WatchPug by clicking the status bar icon.

status bar icon

5. Press the "Start" button.

WatchPug starts checking all pages provided by sitemap.xml. If you are working in development mode, loading pages without host might be helpful.

A typical output looks like this:

WatchPug screenshot

Short Presentation

Coming soon...

WatchPug has left the proof of concept phase and will be published in a first version within the next weeks.

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